BAD NEWS FOR DEMOCRATS: Trump Is Doing Better with Non-Whites than Spanish-Speaking Apologist Jeb Bush

The Washington Post reported this week that Donald Trump is doing better with non-white voters than Spanish-speaking, conservative-bashing apologist Jeb Bush.

In fact the GOP is actually gaining among non-whites with Donald Trump in the race.
trump poll non whites

The facts are simple:
— Donald Trump loves America.
— Jeb Bush is a Progressive.

The Washington Post reported, via The Electric Stove:

The worst fears of the Republican establishment, that Trump’s unapologetic condemnations of immigrants will scuttle their shot at retaking the White House, so far aren’t revealing themselves in polling…

… If Trump’s comments were hurting him and/or Republicans with voters, we’d expect to see them faring worse after the June/July period in which the comments became public — and Trump rose in the polls.

The opposite happened. Trump’s position among non-white voters improved, substantially, when you look at how he fared in a head-to-head match-up with Hillary Clinton.

What’s more, in the most recent CNN/ORC polling Trump does better against Clinton with non-white voters than Jeb Bush.

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