AY CARAMBA! Illegal Immigration Activist Owes Over $40,000 in Back Taxes

Jose Antonio Vargas is an illegal immigrant and self-styled immigration activist who frequently appears on cable news programs advocating amnesty for illegal immigrants.

According to a new report by Ryan Girdusky of Red Alert Politics, Vargas owes over $40K in back taxes:

Federal tax lien against illegal alien Jose Antonio Vargas challenges his argument for immigration reform

Journalist Jose Antonio Vargas rose to prominence after he outed himself as an undocumented alien in a New York Times essay in 2011.

Since that time Vargas has become the most well known illegal immigrant in the country and an outspoken advocate for immigration reform, relying heavily on claims that undocumented aliens will be model citizens and could add substantially to the federal tax base. He repeatedly asserts that many undocumented aliens, like him, already pay into a system they cannot use.

But Vargas himself hasn’t always lived up to that claim.

According to court documents obtained by Red Alert Politics, Vargas was hit with a $41,945.44 tax lien in a court notice on Jan. 7, 2015 for failing to pay taxes in 2010. According to the notice, the date of the assessment was Sept. 23, 2013.

Here’s a copy of the form:


Perhaps Vargas should go to work for MSNBC. Plenty of their on-air personalities owe back taxes too.

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