AWFUL=> Krauthammer Blames Donald Trump for Weakness and Ineptitude of Republican Party (VIDEO)

Obama flipping the bird

Beltway elitist Charles Krauthammer continued his assault on Donald Trump on Monday. Krauthammer blamed Trump for the weakness and ineptitude of the current Republican Party.

For the past seven years Barack Obama has pummeled and abused the American people with an insane foreign policy that brought forth ISIS and the Caliphate. His economic policies have failed across the board. More Americans are poorer, earn less money, and are without work than when he entered the White House. The administration pushed the most radical social policies in US history.

Where was the Republican Party during all of this? The Republican House and Senate folded to Obama. They paid for his Obamacare AND his amnesty. The Republican Party was silent when Detroit went bankrupt after 50 years of Democratic rule. The Republican Party has failed after several decades to organize a competent communications strategy to counter liberal media dominance. Did anyone hear from the GOP when the Planned Parenthood baby harvesting operations were revealed? — Did anyone hear from the Republican Party when Democrats threw their support behind the Black Lives Matter riot movement this past weekend?

The Republican Party is so ineffective. In America today there is a dominant and radical leftist movement sweeping across society. And in its wake the country has become more violent, fearful, disrespectful and unsafe.

Where is the Republican Party? Where is the pushback? It is as if there is a void on the right. The Republican Party has done nothing to stop Obama. The Republicans have done nothing to stop the criminal activity of the IRS, EPA, and DOJ. The Republicans are so weak today. It is as if there is this huge void. This massive emptiness. There’s nothing there to stop these radicals from destroying this country from within.

Tonight Charles Krauthammer blamed Donald Trump for the failures of the Republican Party.
Via The O’Reilly Factor:

Trump captured the anger in Middle America, Charles.
Trump moved in where the GOP moved out.
You need to reassess.

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