AUDIO: MUST HEAR Caller on Rush Limbaugh Show Gives Heart-Felt Analysis On Trump’s Debate Performance

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

A black caller into the Rush Limbaugh show offers a very emotional but also great assessment on Trump’s remarks at the Debate.

Personal thoughts on Trump have been mixed feelings from the start. On the positive side, Trump truly has managed to open up the immigration debate. All the candidates on the stage at the Presidential debate made statements against illegals in the country that NONE of these same candidates would have said a year ago — or even a few months ago. They were even more bold in their attacks and criticisms against Obama which is part of the Trump effect IMO.


But the negative side to Trump’s candidacy is all the Trump platitudes and generalities at best, and disingenuousness at worst whenever discussing what he would do as President. He has lived his whole life using the big arm of government to get whatever he wants in life (including using Eminent Domain laws for taking the property of others)… so beware in joining the crowd to follow Trump blindly as Presidential material. A leopard doesn’t change his spots so easily. So why would Trump suddenly change how he operates when he’s perfectly comfortable working within the big government model and using it to his own advantage?

With that said… love how Trump is shaking things up… but also share similar concerns of the caller.

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