AUDIO: Heh! Rush Limbaugh Has A Theory On Why Bernie Sanders Is Drawing Record Crowds

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

Rush Limbaugh has observed a common thread between the record crowds Bernie Sanders is drawing with another socialist drawing record crowds back in 2008.
Via the Rush Limbaugh website:

Bernie Sanders drawing record crowds? Barack Obama drew record crowds. What’s the common denominator? Hillary Clinton. I’m here to tell you that the big secret here, the thing that nobody wants to talk about. Maybe they figured this out on the Democrat side, I don’t know. But it sure seems to me that in this primary cycle and in 2008…

I mean, you got Obama. He came out of nowhere. Nobody knew who he was. I mean, he hadn’t made a speech. I’m not trying to put Obama down here. I’m trying to be honest and perspective. He is getting these record crowds, and we all thought, “Oh, my God!” “Oh,” we thought, “he’s Bill Clinton Jr. able to fool all these people with all these platitudinous speeches.” It turns out given what we’ve seen with Bernie Sanders that the common denominator is in the Democrat Party.

They’re gonna treat anybody this way who runs against Hillary, whoever is the first out of the box. It might have been Martin O’Malley, but he waited. It might have been Jim Webb, but he waited. I’m not denying that Bernie Sanders’ uber, extreme, off the charts left-wing radical liberalism is not a factor; it is. Because that’s what the Democrat Party has become. I’m not take anything away from him here, don’t misunderstand.

This is not an attempt here to belittle Bernie Sanders. I’m just engage here in objective political analysis as America’s Real Anchorman.

Enjoy the audio clip below… it’s good all the way to the end!

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