ARMED OATHKEEPERS Arrive in #Ferguson to Provide Security=> Talk Trump With the People (VIDEO)

Ferguson businesses – the ones that were still standing after the Michael Brown riots in November – brought in local militias to protect their property from violent protesters, looters and arsonists.
ferguson oathkeeper militia
The militias provided security for the businesses after the government failed to do so. (Aljazeera)

On Monday seven armed Oathkeepers arrived back in Ferguson to help provide security to the businesses.
armed oathkeepers
Armed patriots were seen patrolling the streets of Ferguson with assault rifles in a move described by police chiefs as ‘inflammatory.’ That’s radical Umar Lee filming the Oathkeepers. (Daily Mail)

The Daily Mail reported:


The men were seen carrying automatic rifles and sidearms as they announced they were there to protect a media organization. But they sparked swift criticism from police and protesters alike.

The appearance of the four men, all white, quickly drew stares in the mostly black neighborhood, which exploded into violence again on Sunday night as protesters marked the police killing of an unarmed black teen a year ago…

…St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar condemned their appearance in Ferguson.

‘Their presence was both unnecessary and inflammatory,’ he said, adding that police would work with county prosecutors to see if the men had broken any laws.

At least one Oathkeeper was talking up Donald Trump with the people.
It was caught on video:

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