Answering Obama’s Call: Scientists Create Anti-Fart Supplement For Cows To Fight Climate Change

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Last year President Obama declared war on methane emissions from one of the most dangerous emitters in the world; cows.

While many of Obama’s detractors were busy lambasting the President’s plan by writing bovine fart jokes, some in the scientific community actually heeded his call for action by devising, in essence, Gas-X for cows.

The Daily Mail reports that scientists have created a supplement which when added to cattle feed can cut methane emissions by 30%:


Cows have a huge flatulence problem that is damaging the planet.

They produce methane – a greenhouse gas which is 23 times more potent than carbon dioxide in trapping heat in the atmosphere

Last year, the Obama administration said that it would make a multi-pronged attack on cow flatulence in an attempt to cut emissions.

Now, one group of scientists believes it has come up with a solution; adding a special supplement to cows’ feed to cut down on their methane production by 30 per cent.

Over the course of the 12-week study, cows consumed a diet supplemented by the methane inhibitor 3-nitrooxypropanol, or 3NOP.
As well as reducing methane, the supplement had the benefit of making the cows gain 80 per cent more body weight than cows in a control group.”

The study was conducted at Penn State, released through the National Academy of Sciences, and was partially funded by DSM Nutritional Products.

So while some scientists are more than happy to take President Obama’s war on bovine flatulence seriously, the rest of us, also known as the sane individuals, will continue to express the opinion that wasting time and the taxpayers money on a plan to fight cow farts, instead of spending those resources on more important issues, really…just…stinks.


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