AMERICA’S FINEST: US HEROES Speak to Reporters for First Time After Taking Out Terrorist on French Train (VIDEO)

Spencer Stone, Anthony Sadler and Alek Scarlatos spoke to reporters for the first time today after taking out the Islamic terrorist in the train from Belgium to France.

What an amazing story.
Spencer was hurt in the confrontation. He has a black eye and had his arm in a sling.

The three friends from Sacramento were traveling together in Europe when the saved they train from the terrorist attack. Anthony told the audience that if you are ever in a situation like this you can’t hide and must act. It is your only defense.


The Islamist who tried to shoot up a train in France before he was tackled and hogtied by three Americans returned from Syria this year.

Here is their first interview together since they thwarted the terrorist attack.

Spencer Stone then ran over and saved a passenger after the three hogtied the terrorist. The passenger was shot in the neck during the attack.

Spencer thanked the French people and medical team for reattaching his thumb after the incident.

Spencer left the hospital earlier today.

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