ABC News Praises HIPPIE COMMUNE Where Group Decides if You Can Have a Child

The ABC News program Nightline recently did a report on a Virginia hippie commune called Twin Oaks. Rather than being critical of the cult-like socialist community, ABC News made it sound like paradise.

One member of the commune made a shocking statement, saying that everything is a group decision, even the decision to have a child. Don’t progressives say they believe in choice?

Here’s a partial transcript via Scott Whitlock of NewsBusters:


KEENAN DAKOTA: The American dream is to become wealthy and this is not the place to do that.

PITTS: For this simple life, living off this beautiful land, eating organic vegetables they grow themselves, sharing everything from clothes to housing to child care and sometimes changing their names. Do they know the secret to the good life?

CALLEN: As a small child, it was awesome to live here. It was fun. You had all these people to hang out with and interact with and especially just when you want to like run wild as a kid.

PITTS: But the commune life doesn’t come without sacrifices. Each adult is responsible for working 42 hours a week. And at Twin Oaks, which has been in operation for 48 years, every personal decision has to be made collectively, even having a child.

KATHERYN SIMMONS (TWIN OAKS RESIDENT): Having a child is not something you can take for granted, that you can just decide to do on your own because you’re not personally responsible for financing that kid’s upbringing, the entire community is.

If that statement reminds you of Hillary Clinton’s belief that “it takes a village to raise a child” you’re not alone.

Here’s the video:

Has the mainstream media ever been that kind to members of the Tea Party? Of course not.


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