ABC Is Hiding Details of Killer Vester Flanagan’s Manifesto …(Must Be Littered With Liberal Propaganda)

Black reporter Vester Flanagan was an Angry Barack Obama Democrat.
** He was reprimanded for wearing a Barack Obama sticker at work.
** He had his racial suits tossed from court
** He was ahigh paid companion
** He attempted to subpoena personnel records on both of his victims

He shot two people dead on live TV—
bryce williams 2
Hat Tip Dana Loesch

Killer Vester Flanagan was a big Obama supporter.
But, you’d never know it from the liberal media.
The media is hiding Flanagan’s political leanings from the American public.


ABC has yet to release Flanagan’s manifesto.
It must be littered with embarrassing liberal propaganda.

The Tatler reported, via Instapundit:

Two days ago, ABC News reported that Vester Flanagan, the murderer of two WDBJ employees, sent a 23-page faxed manifesto to ABC News. ABC reported bits and pieces of the manifesto.

Yet we still haven’t seen the full document. ABC hasn’t made it available. Why?

John Nolte and others have been busy hammering away at the racial hypocrisy of many in the media after treating Flanagan’s crimes very differently from Dylann Roof’s. Unquestionably, they were both racially motivated. But you’d never know that from reading the headlines in the Washington Post or other mouthpieces who enable the (one way) racial grievance industry.

Read the whole thing here.

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