Watch Liberals Sign a Petition for a “White Privilege” Tax (VIDEO)

Most progressives have never heard of a tax they didn’t like, but a tax attached to a social justice issue is especially exciting.

In the video below, most people who are asked sign a petition for a new “white privilege” tax, although a few people say no. Infowars describes the scene:

Mark Dice’s latest ‘man on the street’ stunt is perhaps his most outrageous yet, proving that leftists will advocate unbridled insanity so long as they are told it’s in the name of fighting racism.

Asked to sign the petition to support a 1% income tax on all white Americans in order to “even out the playing field” and redistribute the wealth amongst minority communities, the first man in the clip is incredulous that such a policy would pass but signs his name to it anyway.

Watch the video:


(Image: Source)

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