Violence Incited Against Trump: Groups Beat Trump Piñatas in Ad – Lynch Trump from Tree

Let’s first stipulate that people whacking piñatas of President Barack Obama hung by a rope from a tree would have the Secret Service all up in their business.

Yet inciting racist violence against Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump by encouraging the public to beat to the point of decapitating piñatas bearing Trump’s likeness is becoming commonplace.

trump beating
Screen image via The Blaze.


A Republican Party official in New Mexico who compared Trump to Hitler invited the public to beat a Trump piñata at an event in Santa Fe on Friday, while in California a Los Angeles Nissan car dealer filmed a Spanish language ad showing employees beating a Trump piñata.

Trump Effigy KOAT-TV
Screen image of debut of Santa Fe GOP’s Trump pinata via KOAT-TV from July 10, 2015.

Santa Fe County Republican Party treasurer Ignacio Padilla attached a Confederate battle flag affixed with a photo of Trump to the back of the Trump piñata and hung ‘Trump’ with a rope from a tree.

Padilla told the New Mexico Political Report his reasons for encouraging people to beat the likeness of Trump with a wooden board that read, “Vote No Trump.” The article features a photograph of Padilla proudly holding the decpapitated Trump pinata.

““I’m Hispanic and I’m a United States citizen and I’m a Republican,” Padilla said. “So whenever somebody insults the Hispanic community, they’re talking about my grandmother, my great grandmother, my mom and my kids.”

…” Padilla, for his part, said he probably organize another Trump piñata event in six months. Asked whether he’s simply giving Trump more media attention, Padilla dismissed the notion, arguing that as a “Mexican Republican” he’s making a statement.

““I was born and raised and taught to defend myself and that’s what I’m going to do forever,” Padilla said. “I want my kids to succeed. I don’t want this county to become another Hitler country.””

Padilla also attacked Trump for being a successful businessman.

““For our candidates, it’s not about money,” he said. “That’s why that piñata had money sticking out of his legs, his arms, everything. It’s not about money, it’s about what you’re going to do for this country.””

A YouTube video shows Padilla at the event accusing Trump of being a “racist” and criticizing Trump for his comments about Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain’s war record.

In California, the Nissan of Van Nuys car dealership filmed an ad in Spanish that shows the dealership’s general manager Martin Cuevas and another man beating ‘Trump’ with a stick nearly two dozen time while yelling in Spanish. The ad ends with one of the men kicking ‘Trump’.

The beating of ‘Trump’ is punctuated with the words “Bang!” and “Pow” splashed on the screen.
The Blaze reported the ad is set to air on a Telemundo affiliate, KVEA-TV.

This week CNN aired a light-hearted report on the popularity of Trump piñatas, saying they were “hot sellers” in the Los Angeles piñata district.

No mention was made in any of the reports of the Secret Service investigating the incitement of violence against Trump even though he has been threatened by recently escaped Mexican drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman.

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