VIDEO=> TOP IRANIAN SCIENTIST Welcomed Home as Hero After Obama Releases Him in Nuclear Deal

On Wednesday Barack Obama lashed out at CBS reporter Major Garrett after he asked him about the four Americans left behind to languish in Iranian prisons.

Four Americans are still are still being held by the Iranian regime.
iran prison americans
Former Marine Amir Hekmati, Saeed Abedini and Vahid Salemi are being held in Iranian prisons. (Breitbart)

Obama left the Americans to rot in the Iranian prisons — But he released top Iranian scientist Mojtaba Atarodi as part of the Iranian nuclear deal in 2013.


nuclear scientist iran atarodi

The Times of Israel reported:

Mojtaba Atarodi, arrested in California for attempting to acquire equipment for Iran’s military-nuclear programs, was released in April as part of back channel talks, Times of Israel told. The contacts, mediated in Oman for years by close colleague of the Sultan, have seen a series of US-Iran prisoner releases, and there may be more to come.

The secret back channel of negotiations between Iran and the United States, which led to this month’s interim deal in Geneva on Iran’s rogue nuclear program, has also seen a series of prisoner releases by both sides, which have played a central role in bridging the distance between the two nations, the Times of Israel has been told.

Nuclear scientist Mojtaba Atarodi was celebrated as a hero back in Tehran.

Mojtaba Atarodi was in custody over allegations that he bought advanced technological equipment in violation of US sanctions on Iran.
Obama released him in 2013 as part of the nuclear deal.

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