VIDEO=> Iranian Nuclear Deal Gives Regime 24 DAYS TO DELAY INSPECTIONS at Any Facility – US Not Allowed In

Iran celebrated the sham nuclear deal today.
iran us women marching

And, no wonder…
The deal gives Iran a voice in determining which sites the IAEA will get to access.

The deal gives Iran at least 24 days to stall inspections at any nuclear and military facility before inspectors are allowed in.
According to FOX News and Haaretz:


The arbitration committee will convene within two weeks after Iran presents its reservations, and will have to discuss the issue and make a decision within seven days. That gives them 21 days. If the committee decides in a vote to reject the Iranian reservations, Iran will have three days to arrange the inspectors’ visit to the suspicious facility… That gives them 24 days. US inspectors will not be allowed to enter the facilities. So is the president telling the truth when he says there’s 24-7 accesss?

Via America’s Newsroom:

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