VIDEO=> Elderly Veteran Stands on Chair, Holds Benghazi Protest Sign During Obama’s VFW Speech

An unknown veteran hoisted a large protest sign about the 2012 Benghazi terror attack during President Barack Obama’s speech to the annual Veterans of Foreign Wars convention in Pittsburgh on Tuesday.
For some reason this did not make any headlines in the liberal media:

The veteran was attacked by fellow veterans during his protest.
His sign reads, “BENGHAZI The Emperor Has No Clothes”

benghazi clothes vfw

A video clip posted by NBC News shows an elderly white man standing on his chair and holding a large sign high over his shoulders near the front rows during Obama’s speech.


A white man seated next to the protester puts him in a body hold and tries but fails to take the sign away.

A taller Black man then grabs the protester by both shoulders from behind, bending him backwards over the chairs while a second Black man grabs the sign away from the protester.

Stars and Stripes reported the protester was ejected by police after he continued to protest, yelling “Benghazi” several times at Obama.

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