VIDEO: MOST AWESOME TV HOST RANT Criticizing Obama’s Appeasement Policy For Islam

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

Tomi Lahren is a TV host on OANN (One America News Network). Tomi opens with harsh criticism of Obama and Liberal media who can’t seem to find the motives of anyone named Muhammad. Her recent rant is great and speaks for itself—thus no surprise it is quickly going viral. The video description states the following:

Radical Islamists, have brought the fight right here to the Red, White and Blue and it’s about time we bring it to them. Full force. Let’s show them what the U.S. of A looks like up close and personal. Show ’em what a B1 bomber looks like flying overhead. Show ’em what they’re messing with. Put the fear of OUR God in their desert. Because clearly our lack of strategy isn’t working.

Hat Tip Rightscoop. ENJOY!


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