Uproar After Mike Brown Art Exhibit by White Artist Sells for $4,500

The Mike Brown art exhibit titled “Wake Up!” at the Gallery Guichard in Chicago recently sold for $4,500.
The exhibit was a depiction of America’s racism.

mike brown exhibit
Mike Brown was killed after attacking a cop and robbing a store.
But the myth lives on.

But activists were outraged that the exhibit was sold by a white artist who profited through her own white privilege.
The Guardian reported:


If you’re not careful as you walk into the Gallery Guichard on Chicago’s south side, you could trip over police tape that surrounds a life-size mannequin of Michael Brown’s dead body while a video of Eartha Kitt looks over him singing Angelitos Negros.

Nooses and other paraphernalia largely associated with racism in the south decorate the rest of the space, a neon sign spelling out “Strange Fruit” glares against a white wall, and a Confederate flag with the names of the nine victims of the Charleston massacre – with a price tag of $4,500 – hangs behind the Kitt video. The piece sold over the weekend.

The goal of this exhibition, entitled Confronting Truths: Wake Up!, by New Orleans-based artist Ti-Rock Moore is to start a larger discussion on the violence she sees white privilege produce in America from her perspective as a white female artist.

However, the exhibition has also been criticised on the grounds that it exploits the tragedy black Americans face for profit through the artist’s own white privilege.

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