Update: Ted Cruz’s Book to Finally Appear on NYT’s Bestsellers List

Ted Cruz A Time For Truth

Last week we reported that the New York Times was not going to include Ted Cruz’s new book on their bestsellers list but the liberal paper has changed its tune and Cruz’s book will now be included. In fact, its already in the #7 slot.

Dylan Byers of Politico reports:

Ted Cruz makes New York Times’ list

Five days after accusing The New York Times of bias, secrecy and foul play, Ted Cruz is finally getting what he wanted: a highly coveted spot on the paper’s bestseller list.

Cruz’s memoir, “A Time For Truth,” will appear at No. 7 on the Times’ list for hardcover nonfiction, reflecting its second-week sales, a Times spokesperson confirmed on Wednesday. The Texas senator’s book had not been included on the list for its first week, on the grounds that its sales had been driven by “strategic bulk purchases.”

Times spokesperson Eileen Murphy said that the newspaper made no changes to its selection process, and so the fact that Cruz’s book is being included now suggests a rise in individual purchases, spurred by his public battle with the paper.

“This week’s NYT best seller list was arrived at using the same process as last week’s – and the week before that,” Murphy wrote. “That process involves a careful analysis of data, and is not influenced in any way by the content of a book, or by pressure from publishers or book sellers.”

Let’s hope it goes all the way to number 1, just to tick off the New York Times.

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