UPDATE: Decorated, Wounded Vietnam Veteran Assaulted at VFW for Protesting Obama

benghazi clothes vfw

The elderly man seen protesting in a video by NBC News and being attacked by fellow veterans during an address by President Barack Obama has been identified as a decorated Vietnam veteran who earned a Purple Heart and two Bronze Stars.

One of the men who assaulted him has also been identified.



The NBC video showed an elderly white man standing on his chair about eight rows in front of Obama holding up a large sign that read, BENGHAZI The Emperor Has No Clothes.”

The video also showed the elderly white man being attacked by three fellow veterans. A white man seated next to the protester put him in a body hold and tried but failed to take the sign away. A taller Black man then forcibly grabbed the protester by both shoulders from behind, bending him backwards over the chairs while a second Black man snatched the sign away from the protester.

Photographs taken by UPI during Obama’s speech on Tuesday to the national convention of the Veterans of Foreign Wars held in Pittsburgh identify the man who held up a sign as James P. Wainscoat from South Dakota.

UPI also identified the man who snatched the sign from Wainscoat as John Johnson from Washington, D.C.

Another UPI photo shows Wainscoat being removed from the hall by a police officer. Wainscoat reportedly stood and yelled “Benghazi!” repeatedly at Obama after he was assaulted and his sign stolen,leading to his being ejected.

A photographer with Getty Images also took photos of Wainscoat being ejected.

Getty Images captioned one photo describing Wainscoat as a wounded war veteran.

“Army veteran James P. Wainscoat, 75, of Viborg, South Dakota, a 101st Airborne Vietnam veteran with 2 Bronze Stars and a Purple Heart, shouts at US President Barack Obama…”

On May 24, 2011, an activist with Obama and Hamas ally Code Pink, Rae Abileah, hoisted a protest banner during an address to a Joint Meeting of Congress by Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. As happened to Wainscoat, Abileah had her banner ripped out of her hands and she was manhandled by people around her in the House visitors gallery.

Rae Abileah Netanyahu speech
Rae Abileah, on right with mouth agape, tries to hold on to her protest banner.Photo via Veterans Today.

Abileah sued the man who grabbe her and her banner and subsequently settled out of court for cash and an apology.

Also, like Abileah, Wainscoat appears to be a veteran protester. An AP report from November 5, 2001, states a “James P. Wainscoat”, age 60, from Viborg, South Dakota was arrested while protesting the Taliban and Osama bin Laden.

“A South Dakota man was arrested this weekend after climbing atop a 15-foot fountain on the University of Nebraska at Omaha campus and burning a flag bearing Osama bin Laden’s image.”

“James P. Wainscoat — clad head-to-toe in fatigues — defied police for more than two hours as he waved an American flag atop the fountain, then burned what he deemed a Taliban flag.”

“Police arrested Wainscoat, 60, of Viborg, S.D., man late Friday afternoon on suspicion of trespassing, criminal mischief, disorderly conduct and obstructing an officer.”

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