Update and Apology: Man in Photo Deleted by Hillary Clinton Had “White Trash” Tattoos

The Gateway Pundit incorrectly headlined an article about Democratic Party presidential candidate Hillary Clinton abruptly taking down a photo from Twitter of her shaking hands with an unidentified man adorned with what appeared to be ‘white power’ tattoos. The photo was taken at a July 3rd campaign swing through Lebanon, New Hampshire.

Hillary Clinton White Tattoo Complete Tweet

In an interview with the New Hampshire man, 33-year-old Nicholas Brown, published Monday by Buzzfeed, Brown said the gothic-lettered ‘white’ tattoo on his right forearm goes with a tattoo on his left forearm that says ‘trash’. Buzzfeed posted a photo of the tattoos taken by Brown. He said it was how he thought of himself after a devastating bout with pneumonia put him in a coma for six weeks and cost him both legs.

While The Gateway Pundit was not alone in reporting that the tattoo on his forearm indicated ‘white power’, the headline assumed a fact not in evidence, even though the article itself left proper room for doubt.


The Gateway Pundit regrets the error and offers our apologies to Mr. Brown.

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