University of Memphis Professor: Whiteness Is Most Certainly Terror

Another crackpot professor unloads on whitey.
whiteness terror

University of Memphis professor Zandria Robinson argues that whiteness is terror–
white people tweet 2

The Daily Surge reported:


A sociology professor at the University of Memphis has used her Twitter account to display her radical left wing political ideology and air her racist views about white people.

Professor Zandria Robinson, who has a Ph.D. from Northwestern University, proclaims that white people are synonymous with “terror” and says the Confederate flag is the quintessential symbol of capitalism, among her many controversial and problematic comments about white people and those who dissented against her view points.

Robinson declared on Monday that “white folks” believe that being polite provides immunity from her analysis of power structures based on race.

She has also said she believes “black folks” obtain fewer economic benefits from marriage because they have less money.

The University of Memphis has decided to actively direct students to this Twitter feed by promoting it on their site.

white people tweet

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