UNDERCOVER VIDEO Shows ISIS Crucifixions of Muslims Who Broke Ramadan Fast

isis crucifixion

The Independent reported:

A video, apparently filmed undercover in the Isis-controlled Iraqi city of Fallujah, shows people accused of eating in daylight hours during Ramadan ‘crucified’ in the street.

The video was filmed secretly from a moving car as it drives down a wide street in what appears to be Fallujah. Tied to each lamp post is a person, with their arms stretched out and tied to poles. They wear signs around their necks, detailing their so-called ‘crimes’.

The video, which we will not publish here, also shows cars going by, and pedestrians walking past the crucified people on the busy street. At the top of the lamp posts, a black flags resembling the flag of Isis flutter in the wind.

ISIS released a horrific list of punishments in April.
isis penalties

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