Trump’s Miss USA Contest Picked Up by Reelz TV – Sunday July 12 at 8 PM ET

Dumped by speech fascists at NBC and Univision — Donald Trump’s Miss USA contest will be televised on Reelz television on cable TV.

Miss USA will air on Sunday July 12 at 8 PM ET
trump miss usa reelz

Grania added this at Free Republic:


For anyone who doesn’t get Reelz:
Go to their website. They have a link to Teleivision Fanatic, which streams TV shows, old and relatively new. They’re also going to live stream the pageant. Let’s make it the most watched pageant on TV EVER!!

Call your cable company. My complaint was that I’d planned to watch the pageant on NBC (or Univision) which they offer, now I can’t. I wanted to know why they weren’t making an arrangement with reelz to show it on those networks or one of their public service networks.

NUMBERS MATTER !!! We’re the people who still have money to spend, the ones whose traditions and way of life are being destroyed. We fight back on the media and by not shopping at places like Amazon that censor our choices.

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