Time To Buy Stock In This Major Gun Retailer

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 7.24.39 PMThe Bloomberg funded Moms Demand Action have their next “boycott” target in sights, and this is one battle that’s sure to result in sky high profits for one of the biggest gun retailers in the country.

Even though the Charleston shooter bought his gun at a locally owned store called Shooters Choice, the Hags Demanding Attention are trying to blame national outdoor sports chain Cabela’s. As most folks know, the shooter went through the background check process, and the ineptitude of the FBI agents overseeing the background check were the ones who couldn’t find enough to deny him the sale in 3 day’s time. In fact, there’s even further evidence to suggest that the shooters’ prior record would not have been enough to deny him anyway.

But that doesn’t stop the Bloomberg-Watts PR machine. They are now trying to portray Cabela’s as a gun dealer who doesn’t do background checks. The Hags and their followers are under the impression that Cabela’s is breaking the law and just selling guns to anyone, putting profit and blood over moral conscience. This is, of course, completely untrue, as Cabela’s abides by all federal, state, and local laws regarding gun sales.

What the gun prohibitionists are NOT saying is that this three day background check period is part of their own law, that they helped to pass back in 1993. Known as the Brady Bill, signed by Bill Clinton and championed by the Brady Campaign, (then known as Handgun Control Inc.) the law mandates that all purchasers at gun dealers go through a background check, and while most of the background checks are completed in 5-10 minutes, some take a bit longer, but the bill puts a reasonable time limit on the check, saying that if the FBI NICS can’t find a reason to deny the person within three days, then the sale can take place. Despite this, many dealers fear harassment by the ATF and hold off on the sale.

Via “Everytown For Gun Safety“, the Mad Cows are trying to get people to sign a petition calling for Cabela’s to delay every sale until the background check is complete, whether it takes three days or three years, calling this the “Charleston Loophole”. There is also lots of unofficial talk of “boycotting” Cabela’s in the comment sections of their posts, even though I doubt anyone who’s in favor of more gun control spends a dime in Cabela’s or even knew what it was before the Bloomberg PR push. This could very well turn into an official boycott call by MDA/Everytown, much like their Kroger boycott. If this “boycott” is as “successful” as their Kroger one, then Cabela’s (CAB) can expect to see their stocks rise 21%, just as Kroger’s have. It would make absolutely no sense for Cabela’s to kowtow to a demographic that spends $0 at their stores while upsetting their actual customer base in the process.

Here are just a few of the screencaps from the delusional followers on the Everytown facebook page, with many folks blaming “corporate greed” of Cabela’s for the shooting in Charleston, which, once again, had nothing to do with Cabela’s. Others refer to the store as accessories to murder, contributing to terrorism, saying they need to be prosecuted, and somehow blaming the NRA, saying the organization supports “unlawful gun ownership”. Some even literally cry out to “protect our babies”.

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