THEY MUST BE WORRIED: Democrats Release Anti-Walker Ad – Will Protest His Announcement Today (VIDEO)

They must be worried…
The far left group Agenda Project already released an anti-Walker ad before his presidential announcement today in Wisconsin.
The online ad ties Walker to the Koch brothers, capitalist founders of Koch Industries.

So, this is all they got?

That was a bust.
Who made it, a fifth grader?

** For the record – The Koch brothers rank #59 in US political donations behind 18 different unions.

The far left Agenda Project released this statement on Scott Walker today:

Today, the Agenda Project Action Fund – known for hard-hitting ads such as “Romney Girl,” “Republican Cuts Kill,” and “Granny Off the Cliff” — launched a new campaign with American Family Voices targeting Governor Scott Walker’s ties to the Koch brothers. The campaign includes ad buys in Iowa and DC.

“Puppet for President” is the first in a series planned against Walker which will focus on his relationship with the billionaire Koch brothers. The series will paint Walker as a bought and paid for PUPPET of the GOP mega-donors.

“Americans are fed up with the influence of money has on our political leaders and they will vote accordingly,” said Agenda Project President Erica Payne. “Our goal is to highlight the most egregious offenders and force them to pay a political price. The relationship between the Kochs and Governor Walker is an embarrassment to our democracy.”

AP Action Fund partnered with American Family Voices for both the ad and an anti-Walker rally to be held in Wisconsin next to the location where Walker will be making his presidential campaign announcement. Hundreds of rally goers will sport Puppet for President stickers to amplify the ad campaign’s message.

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