Teen Worker Recognized by Hardee’s for Kindness Shown Elderly Woman (Video)

A Black teenager working for a Knoxville, Tennessee Hardee’s was recently photographed helping an elderly white woman to her car. The teen, Kailen Young, 17, was cleaning the store’s windows and stopped to help the woman.

Hardees WBIR via Twitter
Image of Facebook page, WBIR via Twitter.

David Yardley saw this from across the street and took a photograph which he then posted to Facebook. The photo went viral, prompting Hardee’s to recognize Young by awarding him a check for $1,000.


Hardees WBIR Kailen Young
Screen grab via WBIR.

Young and the women he helped spoke to WBIR-TV:

“”Some people say they view it as rare, and I was surprised by that, because it’s just a normal thing for me. Going through reading the comments, it’s been very humbling, very heartwarming,” Young said.

“”I felt a little touch of heaven, that kindness and goodness in the world. We need that so much, don’t we?” said Bobbi Clare, the woman Young helped to her car.

“Young said he plans to attend college and major in engineering.”

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