Tech Company Develops Robots to Replace $15 /Hr Workers – Can Produce 1 Burger Every 10 Seconds

On Wednesday Governor Cuomo’s New York Wage Board set a new minimum wage for New York City’s 200,000 fast food workers.
City establishments will now be required to offer employees at least $15 per hour by the end of 2018.

The move also makes it cost effective for companies to fire humans and hire robots.

Momentum Machines has developed a robot that can put out one burger every 10 seconds.
fast food robot


And, it literally does everything. From slicing the tomatoes and pickles, to grinding the meat and toasting the bun.
The machines are more sanitary and efficient than the typical fast food worker. And the robots come to work everyday and don’t sass the boss.

So now fast food companies won’t have to worry about the $15 an hour mob.
Nice work, Democrats.
replacement workers

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