Speaking Truth to Power… Bill O’Reilly Equates “Ugly” Hate-site Salon to Stormfront (VIDEO)

salon stormfront

It’s about time.
Bill O’Reilly equated “ugly” far left hate website Salon to Stormfront racists.

The hate-site Salon bannered this headline. “Bill O’Reilly sends the vile Jesse Watters to grandstand in San Francisco over Kate Steinle’s murder.”… Then liberal newspapers like the San Jose Mercury News spread the propaganda. A quote from that paper, “Bill O’Reilly: The murder of Kate Steinle proves Donald Trump is right about Mexicans.” Of course, I never said that. The San Jose Mercury News fabricated it, mimicking a hate website. So here’s a suggestion for the Mercury News, Yahoo News and others that print that garbage: you wouldn’t use anything from Stormfront, another hate website, would you? So why are you using stuff from Salon which is just as ugly? True. Enough is enough.

Via The O’Reilly Factor:

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