South Carolina #MillionPersonMarch a Bust – Only Couple Hundred Turn Out for Race Rally

What if you held a Million Person Race March but nobody came?
anonymous march

Leftists and race hustlers organized a Million Person March today in Columbia, South Carolina.
The march is against racist America.
million person march sc

Million Person March instructions were posted here.


Here is the march route which begins with a rally at 6 AM and a march to follow at 9 AM.
map million march

The rally started at 6 AM and the march was starting at 9 AM Eastern.
But so far there are no photos from the rally.

You know what that means. Nobody showed up.

UPDATE: Here is the only photo available from today’s Million Person March.
Only three people at the Million Person March…
million march three

UPDATE: Only a couple hundred made the march and rally.
It was a bust.

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