Soros Media: Scott Walker Is A Dictator In Waiting


Many of us on the right would argue that during Obama’s Presidential term he has been anything but Presidential. Some would even go so far as to claim that the President has been acting like a despot, a tyrant, and even a dictator (and rightfully so).

But taking a page from the Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, the George Soros funded Progressive news, Alternet, claims that the real danger to the Republic, the real “dictator in waiting” is Republican Presidential hopeful Scott Walker:


“I find [him] more Nixonian than even Richard Nixon himself (the authoritarian leader with whom I was, and am, so very familiar,” wrote ex-Nixon White House Counsel John Dean in April 2012, on the eve of a special gubernatorial recall election Walker won. “To me, it is clear that Wisconsin has a double high authoritarian governor, a conservative without conscience.”

Today, three years later, Walker is parading around the campaign trail like an American dictator in waiting. He has a lengthy record on so many issues that reveal the same pattern: pick fights, launch sneak attacks, smear and scapegoat opponents, and then punish the defeated, according to Wisconsin media analysts. But he also has the personality of an aspiring American tyrant, as Dean noted. Walker may not be Wisconsin Sen. Joe McCarthy’s ghost, but he certainly is heir to that anti-communist crusader’s hateful lineage.

“Democracy and democratic institutions do not function well with dogmatic, unbending authoritarian leaders,” Dean wrote. “Authoritarians are great as dictators, and even at times benevolent. They are often outstanding at running businesses, and when serving as high-ranking officers in the military, not to mention law enforcement.  But they are failures as presidents and governors, and… dangerous to democracy.”

The sad irony of Alternet article is the fact that same exact description given to Walker in the 2nd paragraph (pick fights, launch sneak attacks, smear and scapegoat opponents, punish the defeated) are exactly the same tactics President Obama has used during his entire administration.

So, as it is with all Progressives, the left isn’t afraid of dictators (if they were they would be more critical of Obama)….just supposed dictators who don’t agree with their agenda…and use their own tactics against them.

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