SHOCK VIDEO=> Security Guard Opens Fire on Reporter After Being Punched Repeatedly for Trying to Seize Camera

Ohio Security Guard Pulls Gun On Journalist After Being Punched Repeatedly In The Face & Struggling To Seize His Camera!
photographer fight

This really happened–
A video obtained by Photography is Not a Crime shows a court security guard approach PINAC correspondent Mike Skidmore and try to snatch his camera before Skidmore punches him repeatedly in the face. Another security guard comes in and fires his gun.

Via Photgraphy Is Not a Crime:


Meanwhile, another security guard pulls Skidmore off the first guard, but Skidmore begins punching him as well as they both fall to the floor.

“Ow, you bit me, motherfucker!” the second guard yells out after Skidmore apparently bites him in the face.

Several more men rush into the room and eventually handcuff Skidmore, a 58-year-old grandfather of 13 who had been accused of “inappropriately touching” a clerk while trying to photograph her name tag.

That was the reason the guards approached him in the first place without saying a word.

However, in their arrest report, they claim that Skidmore had been acting “disorderly” and had been asked to leave, only to refuse.

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