Seriously?… HuffPo Calls for “Opportunistic Parasite” Donald Trump to Be Excluded from RNC Debate

The far left Huffington Post just called on the RNC to boot Donald Trump from the Republican presidential debate next week in Ohio.

They must really be threatened by him.
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Of course, HuffPo also calls him an “opportunistic parasite” while they are at it.


Last week they called him a “clown show.” This week they called him an “opportunistic parasite.”
What lovely tolerant people.

Maybe the liberal is still smarting from Trump calling them a clown show pretending to be legitimate news.

Jonathan Funke, a writer for the far left Huffington Post website, wants parasite Trump to be banned and shunned by the Republican Party.
Via The Huffington Post:

Donald Trump has broken the political contract with my party. The RNC should return the favor and bar him from the debates, even if it costs us the election

Donald Trump has said plenty to offend humanity at large, which humanity, ever the sucker for a train wreck, keeps rewarding with high ratings. But speaking strictly as a perennially disappointed Northeast Republican, what I find most outrageous is his transparent abuse of my party for expediency’s sake.

Rick Wilson recently pointed out on CNN, as others have, that Trump isn’t even consistently registered as a Republican, probably rendering him ineligible for the primary ballot in at least a dozen states. He’s backed Hillary and other Democrats whenever the winds shifted that way.

Trump himself told MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough all we need to know: that for him, “the best way to win is to win as a Republican. I do not want to ‘do independent’ at all.” But he’ll make his calculation based on “how I’m being treated by the Republicans.”

The Republicans: Third person. The Republican National Committee should exercise some discretion for a change, and insist that Fox and CNN exclude this opportunistic parasite from the free ride he seeks from the party he so plainly despises. They should bar him from next week’s debate.

They’ve laid the groundwork. Reacting to Trump’s words on Sen. John McCain, RNC spokesman Sean Spicer said: “There is no place in our party or our country for comments that disparage those who have served honorably.” Earlier this month, RNC chair Reince Priebus spent an hour attempting to reason with The Donald on his immigration rhetoric and other matters.

So the real question is – Who is this clown Jonathan Funke who is pretending to be a Republican while writing hit pieces on the Huffington Post?

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