Rush Limbaugh: Seven Years Ago It Was Parody, Today It’s the News (VIDEO)

In 2007 FOX News Channel’s 1/2 Hour News Hour Show spoofed the media on Islamic radicalism.

Today it’s not a parody as Rush Limbaugh noted on Friday:

RUSH: As I knew we could, we’ve gone back to the archives, the Grooveyard of Forgotten Sound Bites, and we have from 2007 the opening of the bit that parodies exactly what’s happening in the Drive-By Media this moment, today and last night. This is on the Fox News Channel’s 1/2 Hour News Hour. By the way, I starred in a number of episodes of this program, as president of the United States, as myself, it was a lot of fun. But, anyway, this is from the pilot episode, episode number one. It’s 2007.

FEMALE ANCHOR: Six men have just been charged with conspiracy to murder in connection with a plot to blow up buses and subway cars in London during the summer of 2005.

MALE ANCHOR: The six would-be suicide bombers charged are Muktar Said Abraham, Ramzi Muhammed, Yasin Omar, Manfu Asiedu, Adel Yahya, and Hussain Osman.

FEMALE ANCHOR: Since their capture, the big question for Scotland Yard has been, “What exactly is it that links these six individuals? What common denominator motivated this seemingly random group of young men?”

MALE ANCHOR: It is puzzling, isn’t it?

On Thursday night CNN “expert” Tom Fuentes was completely stumped by the Chattanooga terrorist attack.
Fuentes said it was not clear if “MOHAMMAD Youssef Abdulazeez” was a Muslim.

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