RACE ACTIVISTS CAN’T WAIT=> Dig Up Body of Confederate General in Memphis Park

The Memphis City Council voted unanimously to dig up Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest and his wife from a local park and sell his statue.
forrest statue
The Nathan Bedford Forrest statue was spray painted with graffiti by vandals in 2013.

Now the statue will be sold off and the graves removed.
Local Memphis reported:

The Memphis City Council unanimously approved a resolution Tuesday to move the remains of Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest and his wife from Health Sciences Park.

They have been buried in a park on Union Avenue for 110 years.

Council members are also moving ahead with plans to remove the statue of Forrest, even looking at selling the statue to anyone who wants it.

“The Forrest family is solidly opposed to digging up the graves and moving them any place,” said Lee Millar with the Son’s Of Confederate Veterans. “The statue just as well. They’re opposed to moving the statue too.”

There were rumors that the rush was on to move the statue and graves of Forrest and his wife in order to sell the property to the University of Tennessee.

But local black activists can’t wait.


The race activists brought a shovel to the park this week to being digging.
American Mirror reported:

A group surrounded a shovel Wednesday and ceremoniously removed a chunk of grass and soil.

“We are going to bring the back hoe, the tractors and the men with the equipment to raise Bedford Forrest from the soil of Memphis,” Isaac Richmond with the “Commission on Religion and Racism” declared to awaiting TV cameras, CBS 3 reported.

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