President Rouhani to Iranian Nation: The Superpowers Have Recognized a Nuclear Iran

rouhani protest
US and Israeli flags burned in Iran.
Crowd yells “Death to America! Death to Israel!” Who’s in front? President Rouhani

Iranian president Hassan Rouhani addressed the Iranian nation today celebrating the nuclear deal with the West.
Rouhani declared, “The superpowers have recognized a nuclear Iran.”
MEMRI reported:

Iranian President Hassan Rohani delivered an address to the Iranian nation on July 14, 2015, immediately after the announcement earlier that day of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action between Iran and the P5+1 in Vienna. The following is MEMRI’s translation of his address from the original Persian as published by the Tasnim news agency on that date. All emphases below are in the original.

“I hereby announce to the great Iranian people that their prayers have been answered. Today we are at an important stage in the history of our state and our [Islamic] Revolution, and of conditions in the region – circumstances that, I must say, have continued for the past 12 years [since the beginning of the negotiations over Iran’s nuclear dossier], which were accompanied by illusions on the part of the superpowers, who spread them throughout society and throughout public opinion.
“The page is done, and a new page has begun.

“This new page begins when the way to solving the world’s toughest problems is shorter and less costly. The important issue of the Iranian nuclear [program] was, on the one hand, political and international, for which many sanctions resolutions [against Iran] were imposed by the Security Council, under Chapter VII of the UN Charter. On the other hand, [the nuclear issue] resulted in a campaign of Iranophobia in society and in the world, under which it was claimed that Iran aspires to obtain weapons of mass destruction and nuclear [weapons].

“With regard to science, technology, and the advancement of the state, the nuclear issue has become important to us. With regard to society, it became a source of national pride and honor. With regard to the economy, due to the pressure by those who leveled sanctions, harsh conditions were created in society, although, as I have stressed before, the sanctions never reaped success even though they impacted the lives of the people.

“I am happy that today we have succeeded in reaching a new point by means of negotiations that continued for 23 months, between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the six global superpowers… on the issue of the Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action.”

Iran Agreed To Dialogue, The P5+1 Agreed To Respect Us

“In order to solve the nuclear issue and problem, we had to take necessary steps in various areas. In the political area, we had to prepare the necessary preliminary political steps. With regard to [Iranian] public opinion, [there was a need to cause] them to realize that the negotiations were not a recitation of statements but a give and take. The meaning of negotiations is paying money and buying the desired house. We did not seek charity; no one will give us anything for free. We aspired to negotiation, aspired to advance a fair and just give and take based on national interests. We have always stressed the point that these negotiations would not be win-lose, because such talks are not viable. Negotiations and agreements will be strong and permanent only if they are win-win for both sides. We explained this to our society, and our negotiating team began the talks based on this [formula] 23 months ago [when I entered office].

“In addition, in order to reap success in the negotiations, we needed a national domestic consensus. Obviously, within Iran, politicians, organizations, and factions do not have a uniform opinion… But, happily, we managed to reach a consensus in our society on this issue, in an open and democratic atmosphere. The road to negotiations began even before this government [took office]. In effect, from the first day of the nuclear problem – that is, 12 years ago – the path to negotiations began, on orders from the Leader [Ali Khamenei], and since 2003 we have continued these negotiations in Tehran, in neighboring capitals, and in Western European capitals.

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