POLICE: Twelve-Year-Old Boy Fired Gun at Transgender – Chased Him Through Orlando Streets

Orlando, Florida police arrested and charged a 12-year-old boy with attempted murder and grand theft of a firearm in an incident Thursday night around midnight when a transgender man was chased though downtown city streets by the boy who fired his gun at the transgender man until the gun ran out of bullets. Every shot missed its target.

Andrew West, aka Shandebine Sherrington WFTV
Transgender shooting attack victim Andrew West, aka Shandebine Sherrington, screen image via WFTV-TV
Police identified the shooter as Joseph Smith, 12. Smith lives with his grandmother who told MyNews13 that he sneaked out of the house Thursday night. She added Smith was on probation for the attempted theft of a pellet gun.

“We spoke to the 12-year-old’s grandmother. She said her grandson snuck out of the house Thursday night through a window.

“She said he has been taking medications since 2009 and was on probation for trying to steal a pellet gun earlier this summer.”

Andrew West, 26, who goes by Shandebine Sherrington, spoke to local media about the terrifying attack.



“West said the boy was on the phone and that she heard him say, “I’m going to kill this (expletive),” before opening fire.

“She said she was running for her life but when she realized the shooter was out of bullets, she turned around and began chasing him.

“”I was going to beat him if I would’ve caught him,” she said.

“Authorities said shell casings were found along the route where the incident happened.

“The child was later identified as 12-year-old Joseph Smith. Smith lives with his grandmother, who said he got out of the house without her knowledge.”


“”The 26-year-old victim said the boy shot at her multiple times while yelling profanity and chasing her from Church Street to South Rio Grande Avenue. Fortunately, she was not struck by any of the bullets and was able to call 911.

“I was walking along Church Street, going towards a friend’s house, when I was approached by a 12-year-old saying he was going to kill me,” said Shandebine Sherrington, 26. “I don’t know who this individual was and he started shooting at me, chasing me multiple places to shoot at me.”

“Sherrington, whose given name is Andrew West, said she felt targeted by the young shooter.

““I ran around OBT to get back on Church Street, to run down Church Street and running down Rio Grande and everything,” Sherrington said.”

…”“He was just saying foul words,” Sherrington said. “Thankfully I had witnesses that were out there and saw this young man shooting and chasing me down the street.”

“It was near the Citrus Bowl when she said she heard that the boy’s gun was out of bullets, so she turned around and started chasing him.

““As I chased him I was on the phone with the police,” West said.

“Within minutes police arrived. They found the gun that the boy threw in a nearby field. Police say the Ruger was listed as stolen. The 12-year-old was arrested and charged with attempted murder and grand theft of a firearm.”

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