Obama’s Legacy: Communist Party USA Is Experiencing “Unprecedented Growth”

CommunistParty(Image Moon Battery)

Many have debated that President Obama’s legacy will consist mainly of the passing of Obamacare and his recent deal with Iran. But his legacy is more likely to highlight how his Progressive policies,and his attitude towards radical Progressives around the world, has led to the swelling of their ranks. Even for the radical, homegrown, American Progressives.

Case in point.

The Communist Party USA of Ohio reports that the United States is changing and that the CPUSA is experiencing unprecedented growth:

John D’Alessandro of the Cincinnati young Communists said. “At a time when people are suffering under grotesque and crippling student debt, I think this weekend’s events are a good example of the Communist Party’s continuing dedication to the causes and voices of young people in our country. We’re experiencing an unprecedented period of growth because we speak to people where they are and offer real solutions to the problems of our time. The solution is socialism, and we’re going to fight like hell for the solution.”

Ohio District Organizer for the CPUSA, Rick Nagin, spoke from one of the ComFest stages, celebrating the historic Supreme Court decisions of the past week, and reporting on a Gallup Poll that shows that nearly half the people polled – 47% – would vote for a socialist for president. Among Democrats, that number goes up to 59%, and for young people 18-29, it goes up to 69%. Nagin quoted Bob Dylan: “‘The times, they are a-changin’ … The American people are hungry for change. The richest 1% of families have $30 trillion in assets- that’s $30 million for each of their families. Well, it’s time to change those rules and those laws.” Nagin called on the crowd to demand that the US use its resources “to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, to develop renewable energy industry, and to provide high quality free health care and education for all.”

It’s funny how hindsight is 20/20. Because if the American people had listened to those of us warning about the kind of “Change” then Senator Obama represented, maybe we could have had a President who still recognized the dangers of “The Red Menace” of Progressive/Marxism, instead of a President whose legacy will highlight how he helped it experience “unprecedented growth”.

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