Obama Visits Prison: Says Inmates Made Mistakes Just Like He Did

Obama didn’t contact the Steinle family last week but he did somehow find the time to visit a federal prison.

USA Today reported:

Obama visits prison to promote criminal justice plans

President Obama became the first president to visit a federal prison Thursday, going behind bars to talk to inmates and law enforcement officials about ways to overhaul the criminal justice system.

As Obama called again for legislation to permit lighter sentences for non-violent drug offenders and other changes, there were more signs from Congress that some of his ideas are gaining bipartisan support.

“We have to consider whether this is the smartest way for us to both control crime and rehabilitate individuals,” Obama said after a tour of the El Reno Federal Correctional Institute near Oklahoma City.

In the CNN video below, he claims the inmates made mistakes just like he did.


Obama also suggested that the money used to incarcerate prisoners could be used to give away free college tuition.

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