Obama Slams Trump in Ethiopia: GOP Has Culture Where “Outrageous Attacks Have Become Too Commonplace” (VIDEO)

Barack Obama took time in Ethiopia to attack Donald Trump and the Republican Party.
Obama told reporters the Republican Party has a culture where “outrageous attacks have become too commonplace.”
obama trump

“In fact it’s been interesting when you look at what’s happening with Mr. Trump when he has made some of the remarks that, for example, challenge the heroism of Mr. McCain, someone who endured torture and conducted himself with exemplary patriotism. Uh. The Republican party is shocked and yet that arises out of a culture where those kind of outrageous attacks have become far too commonplace and get circulated nonstop through the internet, and talk radio and news outlets. And, I recognize that when outrageous statements are made about me, a lot of the same people who were outraged when they were made about Mr. McCain were pretty quiet.”

Oh, good grief.
This is the same politician that talks about “itching for a fight” and bringing “a gun to a knife fight.”

Of course, Barack Obama has never made such offensive comments about the Iranian regime – Only Republicans.

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