Nice Job, Barack… Iran Says All Nuclear Activities WILL CONTINUE Under Final Deal

After months and months of “negotiating” the Iranian regime today said they will continue ALL nuclear activity under the final deal.
obama iran

They’ve already said they won’t allow foreign inspections.
That sounds like a hell of deal, Barack!
Algemeiner reported:

The nuclear deal with Iran facing a deadline on Tuesday will ensure the country’s nuclear activities can continue, Iranian media reported.

“According to the technical annex, all the nuclear activities of Iran will continue,” an Iranian diplomatic source party to the nuclear talks in Vienna this week told semi-official state news agency Fars.

The official spoke with knowledge of the technical annex in the final deal, one of five annexes currently being deliberated among negotiators from Tehran and six world powers: the U.S., U.K., Russia, China, France and Germany.

The so-called technical annex covers issues such as “nuclear research and development, [the] Fordo nuclear enrichment center, [the] Arak heavy water reactor, and the type of the centrifuges that will be used by Iran for the production of stable isotopes.”

While the State Department had called for dismantling Iran’s nuclear infrastructure in the past, the Obama administration softened that line in the several months since a framework agreement was announced at Lausanne, Switzerland.

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