New York City to Give $5.9 Million Settlement to Family of Eric Garner

Garner Estate

Although the actual cause of his death has been the subject of some dispute, progressive activists have insisted that the cop who restrained him used a chokehold and have pointed to Garner’s death as evidence of police brutality.

These same protesters often fail to recognize that New York City’s progressive tax policies also contributed to Garner’s death. He was approached by police for selling “loose” cigarettes, thereby denying the city of tax revenue.

Today, the city reached a $5.9 million dollar settlement with Garner’s family.


Sandra Rose reported:

New York Settles With Eric Garner’s Estate for $5.9 Million

Just days after Eric Garner’s family rejected NY City’s settlement offer of $5 million, the family has agreed to a settlement of $5.9 million in Garner’s death at the hands of an overzealous cop.

Garner, 43, died after a Staten Island cop put him in a choke hold during a July 2014 arrest for selling loose cigarettes. Garner’s dying words: “I can’t breathe”, became a battle cry for the oppressed.

In October 2014, Garner’s estate filed a $75 million wrongful death suit against the city.

The city’s offer of $5 million to settle was rejected outright by Garner’s estate. The city came back with a $5.9 million settlement on Monday.

“I believe that we have reached an agreement that acknowledges the tragic nature of Mr. Garner’s death while balancing my office’s fiscal responsibility to the City,” said City Comptroller Scott Stringer on Monday. He added: “the City has not admitted liability.”

Not everyone was pleased by news of the settlement:

The Justice Department continues its investigation into Garner’s death. The head of the Sergeants Benevolent Association criticized the settlement as “obscene” and “shameful”.

“Where is the justice for New York taxpayers? Where is the consistency in the civil system?” Ed Mullins asked.
“In my view, the city has chosen to abandon its fiscal responsibility to all of its citizens and genuflect to the select few who curry favor with the city government,” Mullins told The NY Post.

Others have pointed out the hypocrisy over the attention Garner’s and other cases have received from government compared to the death of Kate Steinle.

As Jim Hoft has pointed out at The Gateway Pundit, no one from the Obama administration has contacted the family of Steinle, who was murdered by an illegal immigrant in the “sanctuary city” of San Francisco on July 1st.

(Image: CNN)

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