NEW VIDEO Shows Russian-Backed Rebels Rummaging Through Luggage After Shooting Down Flight MH17

NEW VIDEO was released today showing Russian-backed rebels rummaging through passenger luggage after shooting down Malaysian passenger jet MH17 last year.

298 passengers and crew were killed in the catastrophe including 38 Aussies.
shot one
Ukrainian News released this photo from the crash site one year ago on July 17, 2014.

Australian leaders were outraged after viewing the latest video today. reported, via Free Republic:


RUSSIAN-backed rebels in Ukraine’s east believed they had shot down a Ukraine Airforce fighter jet as disturbing new footage shows them ransacking the luggage of passengers and crew from Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17.

A year ago today, 298 passengers and crew including 38 Australian citizens and residents died aboard the Kuala Lumpur bound commercial flight after it was shot down over east Ukraine, 40km from the Russian border.

Much footage exists particularly on the internet of the aftermath of the downed airliner, smouldering over three main wreckage sites about the rebel stronghold of the embattled Dontesk region.

But, after a 12-month pursuit, News Corp Australia has obtained new footage shot by the rebels themselves on a camcorder as they captured what they initially believed to be a Ukrainian air force fighter jet they had just shot down using a ground-to-air missile system.

The shocking footage has already prompted horrified responses from Australia’s political leaders. Prime Minister Tony Abbott called it “an atrocity” and Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said it was “sickening to watch”.

Video surfaced last year after the crash reportedly showing the actual BUK missile launcher used to shoot down Malaysian airliner MH17.

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