New Twitter Bot Corrects You if You Say ‘Illegal Immigrant’

The language police have introduced a new bot to keep you from saying something that’s correct but not politically correct.

The liberal Huffington Post reported:

This Twitter Bot Will Correct You If You Use ‘Illegal Immigrant’

People aren’t illegal. And now, there’s a bot to remind the world of that.

Presidential candidate Donald Trump, who recently labeled undocumented immigrants “rapists,” is a prime example of the disrespectful discourse that surfaces around the issue of immigration, especially on social media. That’s why two reporters with Fusion developed a Twitter bot to call out people using the term “illegal immigrant.”

Patrick Hogan and Jorge Rivas created an automated Twitter account, @DroptheIBot, that detects tweets using the term and responds to users directly.

Here’s an example:


Not everyone is thrilled with the concept:

(Image: Source)

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