Mother of Murdered Chattanooga Marine: Obama Has Not Called Me (VIDEO)

Cathy Wells, the mother of Lance Cpl. Skip Wells who was murdered last week in Chattanooga, joined Sean Hannity on Monday night.

mother cathy wellls

Cathy told Sean she has not received a call from President Obama.

Sean Hannity: Have you heard from the president?

Cathy Wells: No.

Hannity: Does that surprise you?

Cathy: No.

Hannity: The same White House, I didn’t even see the flags at half-mast. Did you?

Cathy: I know some states are doing it…

Hannity: I’m talking about Washington.

Cathy: No.

Hannity: Is this the same White House that after the Supreme Court decision put rainbows on the White House?

Cathy Wells: You know the answer to that one…

Hannity: Tell us what you would say to this president. This is the Commander in Chief, statements about Ramadan, you got the White House in beautiful rainbow colors.

Cathy Wells: I can’t answer that, Sean. I can’t answer that.

It’s just too bad her son wasn’t a robber or a street thug.
Obama may have called her.


How sad.
Via Hannity:

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