MORE INSANITY: UN Inspectors Will Be Forced to Rely on Nuke Samples Provided by Iran

More insanity–
UN IAEA inspectors will be forced to rely on nuclear samples provided by Iran.

iran nukes

What a great nuclear deal.
Great job, Lurch.
Via Allahpundit:

HotAir reported:

“PMD” is “possible military dimensions.” In other words, if nuclear inspectors get a hot tip that Iran is conducting (or conducted in the past) atomic-bomb work at a secret site, they don’t get to go to the site themselves and take samples from the soil, the walls, etc, to see if there’s uranium present. They get their samples … from Iran. That’s like drug-testing a junkie by asking him to bring a sample from home.

Democrat Bob Menendez, I should say — picks up on something that GOP Sen. Jim Risch mentioned earlier in the hearing about the UN getting its PMD samples from Iran. Is that true? wonders Menendez. Because if it is, the fox is guarding the henhouse. Kerry’s response: It’s classified — turns out those “secret side deals” I wrote about yesterday actually do exist, per Susan Rice — so if he wants an answer, he should maybe show up at one of those classified briefings senators are known to get now and then. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz then assures Menendez that the inspections process will have “integrity.” At which point Bob “Failure Theater” Corker buts in to tell Menendez that Kerry can answer his question in about two seconds during a classified briefings, which makes it sound like Corker already knows the answer himself and that he wants Menendez to drop the subject in this public setting ASAP.

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