MORE INSANITY: Kerry Admits US Will Help Protect Iranian Nuclear Program From Israeli Attacks (VIDEO)

According to the nuclear agreement signed with Iran the Obama administration is going to help Iran protect their nuclear sites and systems from an Israeli attack.

And the West is also giving the Iranian regime over $100 billion.

The language was included on page 142 of the nuclear deal.
sabotage iran pact

Yesterday during his Senate testimony Secretary of State John Kerry admitted the US would help Iran protect its nuclear sites.

The Washington Free Beacon reported:

Top Obama administration officials testified Thursday that the United States would help ensure the “physical security” of Iran’s nuclear infrastructure as part of the nuclear agreement they reached with the Islamic republic two weeks ago.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R., Fla.) asked the assembled officials whether a controversial provision in Annex III of the agreement obligated the United States to help protect Iran’s nuclear program from future sabotage by Iran’s opponents, notably Israel.

The charge was ducked, but not denied, by Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz.

“I believe that refers to things like physical security and safeguards,” Moniz said. “All of our options and those of our allies and friends will remain in place.”

Secretary of State John Kerry clarified that the annex in question was designed to ensure that Iran’s nuclear capacity was “adequately protected” from unconventional threats such as cyber warfare.

“The purpose of that is to be able to have longer-term guarantees as we enter a world in which cyber warfare is increasingly a concern for everybody,” Kerry said. “If you are going to have a nuclear capacity, you clearly want to be able to make sure that those are adequately protected.”

Israel has sabotaged Iran’s nuclear program through cyber warfare in the past.


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