More Idiocy: DHS Chief Says Don’t Call ISIS “Islamic” – Don’t Associate Islamic Terrorism With Islam (VIDEO)

Let’s face it. We’re governed by idiots.
Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson told national security officials not to associate Islam with terrorism and not to call ISIS (the Islamic State) “Islamic.”
What nonsense.
NewsBusters reported:

It can only be described as both ludicrous and insensitive. Just days after a Muslim terrorist shot up two military recruitment centers, killing five servicemen in Chattanooga, TN, DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson told the media and high-ranking government officials to not mention the word “Islam” when talking about ISIS or terrorism.

Johnson made these comments at a national security conference July 23. Ryan Lizza, Washington correspondent for The New Yorker, moderated the event centering on the U.S.’s strategy for Al-Qaeda and ISIS.

The Ramadan Bombathon contest this year resulted in 2,988 dead bodies from Muslim attacks.
ramadan bombathon 2015
But it’s a religion of peace, right?

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