Live Sex Performance at University Causes Uproar in Argentina (PHOTOS)

A live sex performance at the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina is causing an uproar.
Lesbians performed hardcore sex acts for an audience on a counter in the social sciences department.
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The AP reported:

A sex performance at a university in Argentina’s capital is causing an uproar.

The hardcore sex acts were played out Wednesday night by actors in an open space at the social sciences department of the University of Buenos Aires. It was described as “post-porn” performance art.

Education officials are condemning the performance, which included sadomasochistic acts.

Lucia Romano, president of the department’s student center, told local Radio Continental on Thursday that performers left behind a mess of condoms and urine.

Images and videos of the performance with actors having sex surrounded by onlookers were widely broadcast on Twitter.

Was this really necessary?
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More photos here and here.

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