Lindsey Graham on Trump: He’s Appealing to “Dark Side” of American Politics (VIDEO)

Lindsey Graham went on with former Clinton senior advisor George Stephanopoulos on Sunday to beat up on Donald Trump and his conservative supporters.

Graham said Trump is appealing to the “dark side” of American politics.

So Lindsey is attacking conservative Republicans who support Donald Trump?
That doesn’t seem very bright.
ABC News reported:

Lindsey Graham might thank Donald Trump for getting him to finally buy a new phone, but the South Carolina senator said today he still doesn’t think the Republican Party should “hire” the real estate mogul as its presidential candidate.

Graham made national headlines last week when he destroyed his old-school cell phone after Trump read the number aloud on national TV, but Graham had more just jokes for his opponent in the race for GOP presidential nomination.

Speaking exclusively with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos on “This Week,” the senator said he sees great dangers in continuing to support Trump, the current Republican frontrunner in the polls.

“I would ask the Republican Party why most major companies are firing Mr. Trump, and I don’t think we should hire him,” Graham said.

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