Jon Stewart Jokes About Obama “F***ing” Reagan’s Eye Socket at Secret White House Meeting

The Daily Show host Jon Stewart made a graphic sexual joke about former President Ronald Reagan on Wednesday’s show on Comedy Central while discussing his unpublicized meetings with President Barack Obama that were disclosed this week by Politico.

Stewart said that he, Obama and others at the meeting gang banged a replica from the corpse former President Ronald Reagan.

“We…took turns f***ing a replica of the Reagan eye socket.”

…”Basically the president of the United States called my office and asked, twice, if I would come to Washington and, and meet with him, and I did.

“Uh, it wasn’t really that big a deal. I was brought through the secret White House tunnel–entrance at Mount Rushmore. Uh, for, it was a round table meeting with President, Elvis–still alive–uh, Minister Farrakhan and the Area 51 alien. Uh, ah, I remember what happened. We opened with the traditional Saul Alinsky prayer, uh, supped on the blood of the righteous and took turns f***ing a replica of the Reagan eye socket.

“Oh wait, I should tell you it was a replica. The real Reagan eye socket is kept in the Smithsonian and is only f***ed on Christmas.

Stewart then congratulated himself on the foul jokes about Reagan by doing a celebratory dance while seated in his chair and yelling out an extended “wooooow”.


Stewart told the eye socket joke twice in a row to stick it to conservatives. That there has been no denunciation from the Obama administration is telling. Media reports took the joke in stride as reporters and their liberal audience to this day still hate Reagan. Conservative media critic Brent Bozell was the only one to call out Stewart.

In 2012, gay activists attending a ‘gay pride’ party at the Obama White House had themselves photographed giving the finger to President Reagan’s official portrait.

reagan gays

Stewart is a favorite of the Obama administration. Obama and other high-ranking administration officials have appeared on the show many times and as Politico reported the administration has stayed in frequent contact over the years with Stewart and The Daily Show, including Obama summoning Stewart for private lobbying meetings in October 2013 and February 2014.

“Top Obama aides David Axelrod and Austan Goolsbee knew Stewart’s voice mattered and made sure to field calls and emails from the host and “Daily Show” staff.”

…”Obama White House officials enjoyed it when Stewart was singing from the same hymnal. But they also were quick to pay attention when he turned against them.

““He’s an expert shamer,” said Dag Vega, a former White House staffer who was in charge of booking the president and other administration officials onto “The Daily Show.”

“Axelrod, a frequent Stewart guest, kept in touch with the host by phone and email. In an interview, Axelrod said Stewart was “a useful prod” for the administration.

““I can’t say that because Jon Stewart was unhappy policy changed. But I can say that he had forceful arguments, they were arguments that we knew would be heard and deserved to be answered,” Axelrod said.”

…”Like Axelrod, Goolsbee acknowledged he would stay in touch with the “Daily Show” staff: He emailed with his former Yale classmate and improv comedy partner Steve Bodow, who joined “The Daily Show” as a writer in 2002 and now is an executive producer.

“That work-the-umps strategy also involved the president, who used his two Oval Office meetings with Stewart as a chance to sell the administration’s ideas. At the 2011 sit-down, Goolsbee said, the president wanted to counter his critics on the left and lay the groundwork for his 2012 reelection campaign.

““The White House itself was quite interested in at least explaining its side of the story to Jon Stewart,” Goolsbee said, “up to and including the president.”

“Obama ultimately appeared seven times on Stewart’s show — in their last joint appearance earlier this month, the president joked that he would issue an executive order to keep the host on the air. “I can’t believe you’re leaving before me,” Obama said.”

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